Almanac (Calendar)


April 26-28 – Trillium Twirl
with caller Gaye Fifer
Clear Lake Camp, Dowling, MI

May 24-27 – Meet Me in St. Louis
with callers Susan Kevra and Chet Gray
and Nova
Kirkwood Community Center, St. Louis, MO

June 7-8 – June Bug Bash
with caller Emily Rush
Pinellas Park Auditorium, Pinellas Park, FL

July 12-14 – River Rendezvous
with callers Gaye Fifer and Carol Kopp
and Hotpoint
Coshocton Lake Park, Coshocton, OH

August 11-18 – Dance, Music & Spice Week
Camp Cavell, Lexington, MI

**current schedule updated through August 2019**

Past performances