Turnip the Beet is a dance band duo from Nashville, Tennessee. Rooted in the traditions of Southern Appalachia and their local contra dances, Kelsey Wells and Jeremy Lekich combine fiddle, banjo, guitar, percussion, and the occasional mbira in an innovative and jubilant musical harvest. Expect to hear an organic mix of eclectic tunes from the American South, Ireland, Cape Breton, Quebec, and Scandinavia, as well as a half-bushel of grooving, homegrown originals.

Turnip the Beet is Kelsey Wells – fiddle, banjo, mbira, feet, vocals,
and Jeremy Lekich – guitar, octave mandolin, djembe, vocals.

Stage plot and tech requirements

Past performances:

Music City Masquerade (Nashville, TN) 2014, 2015, 2016
Jan Jam (Champaign-Urbana, IL) 2015, 2017
Chance Dance (Cape Girardeau, MO) 2015, 2016
Dandelion Romp (Oberlin, OH) 2015
Once in a Blue Moon (Huntsville, AL) 2015
Contrathon XVIII (Jonesborough, TN) 2015
Gypsy Moon Ball (Indianapolis, IN) 2015
Fleur de Lis Fling (Louisville, KY) 2015
Chance Dance (Cape Girardeau, MO) 2016
Mentone Dance Weekend (Mentone, AL) 2016
Youth Dance Weekend (Weston, VT) 2016
Looking Glass Festival (Lansing, MI) 2016
Fall Dance Weekend (Pittsburg, PA) 2016

Local contra dances in
Nashville, TN
Memphis, TN
Chattanooga, TN
Jonesborough, TN
Louisville, KY
Asheville, NC
Clemmons, NC
Durham, NC
Charlotte, NC
River Falls, SC
Huntsville, AL
Birmingham, AL
Cincinnati, OH
St. Louis, MO
Cape Girardeau, MO
Indianapolis, IN
Urbana, IL
Chicago, IL
Topsham, ME
Bangor, ME
Trenton, ME

And squares in
Nashville, TN
The Farm, Summertown, TN
Louisville, KY